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N E W !  We offer a  "FRESHEN-UP PLAN"  

We refresh, remodel or redesign one or more of your spaces

including re-upholstering your furniture for a "set fee" - depending on your needs.  

Call us - we are your creatiive team.  

707-731-2531 or 925-588-5733



We are experts with interior design of homes, boutique hotels, cafesmeeting facilities.  Details include choices of furnishings, lighting, floors, walls, windows, ceilings, accessorizing, decor, art and sculpture or anything in-between!  We work with all of your spaces or just some, depending on your needs.

DESIGN of Living Spaces is a full service interior design firm utilizing our incomparable design sources to develop the finest results for your projects.


Our team includes workman in all areas of remodeling who are reliable, responsible and talented in their key areas.

The quality and results of your project are the keys to our success!   Please sign in at our CONTACT  page. You can purchase a copy  of "Creating Your Living Spaces . . . an ideabook"  at our Web Store page  to receive  your "complimentary in-home idea session" or call us at 707-731-2531.   Click on the green Houzz  button below or Zillow to see our projects featured at their sites.

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