D E S I G N of Living Spaces

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                            Great Style Is Timeless

                "Exclusive Personal Shopping"

              with Carina as your 
                  "Exclusive Interior Designer and Personal Shopper"


     Q: Are you uncertain about what steps to take to furnish your home?
               What style?  Where to go to get the results that you want?

          A:  We offer a full range of furniture, art, decor, sculpture,                              antiques, home fashions and accessory sources plus  

               tablescapes and custom floral designs for special occasions.  

      We will personally plan and shop with you and help you save up to 30%.


        Plan your "shopping itinerary" with Carina and associates. Save  your time and money . . . 

                                                           Plan ahead!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For more  details call 925-588-5733

                                       Make your appointment !  Meet with Carina at your home 

                        to arrange your personal itinerary.  Plan with us and accomplish 

                                                      your project(s) with us!

           GO the "Ease" way:  We offer the option to use a "private limo" to take  us

                                                      with ease and comfort.

                                              Call for service information.  You can use:

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For further information please call  925-588-5733

Hours:  By appointment     

Email: cw@designoflivingspaces.com

Media Room Space

Create a comfy space

Kitchen Designed for Entertaining

Ease of navigating this kitchen work space

Displaying Your Collectibles

Open plan specifically for this area