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MacKenzie-Childs company home decor products shown is a signature "Chandelier" as shown in the Neiman Marcus December  2010 Catalog


We refresh, remodel or redesign one or more of your spaces including re-upholstering your furniture.

Shown is the example of a Master Bedroom with custom four poster bed combined with a comforter with accent pillows

Carina Windsor has the expertise 

to create all details including  full house interiors or just a room, kitchen and bath designs, furniture, lighting, flooring, carpeting, window and wall treatments, accessorizing, decor, art and sculpture or anything in-between! 


team includes expertise  in all areas of remodeling who are licensed, reliable and responsible. The quality and results of your project are the keys to our success! 

Our goal is to create interior spaces that are compatible with your lifestyle considering creation of your spaces for comfort, livable styles. Clients who have cafes, boutique hotels and meeting facilities are included. We start from the initial concept to completion. With over fifteen years of experience and product knowledge in the industry, we address your interior design challenges for one room or a full spectrum of plans and details for all areas of your spaces.            

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                        "City by the Bay" Day Trips(c)

 For details call Carina at 925-588-5733 

Email: cw@designoflivingspaces.com

The L'Ermitage Hotel Group, formerly owned and operated by Severyn Ashkenazy where Carina Windsor was the principal Interior Designer for the hotel remodel project. 

Since that time the Bel Age Hotel is owned by the LONDON Hotel Group.


Add fun whimsical decor products to your living  spaces with MacKenzie-Childs this pictured at Orchard  Lane "round poof stools" shown at the MacKenzie-Child's Farm and Studio in Aurora, New York. 

Allso featured in a past Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog

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