D E S I G N of Living Spaces

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                            Great Style Is Timeless

                "Exclusive Personal Shopping"

              with Carina as your 
          "Home Interior Designer and Personal Shopper"

                  We offer a full range of home furnishing products, decor, art 

and accessory sources and will personally plan and shop with 

         you and help you save up to 30%.  

           Includes custom floral designs 
        and table-scapes for special party events.

             Plan your "shopping itinerary" with Carina.   

                                              Save time and money

                                                 . . .  plan ahead!  


For more  details call 925-588-5733

                             Make your appointment to meet with Carina at your home 

                   to "arrange your personal itinerary"  to  "plan, accomplish and 

                                                       complete  your project(s)"

           We offer the option to use a "private limo" to take  us with ease and comfort.


                                             ADVANCE SCHEDULING IS NECESSARY

                            Call for service fee info.  For the "scheduled meetings" you can use:

                                        *  MasterCard - Visa - AMEX - Discover - PayPal - Check          

For further information please call  925-588-5733

Hours:  By appointment 

Email: cw@designoflivingspaces.com

Media Room Space

Create a comfy space

Kitchen Designed for Entertaining

Ease of navigating this kitchen work space

Displaying Your Collectibles

Open plan specifically for this area